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A broad view

We approach the business from a broad perspective. Thanks to this, in the final stage of consultation you will receive a comprehensive assessment of website functionality, but also an analysis of your industry.

Developing an effective non-sales strategy

During the consultation, we let you know what steps we will take to give your business visibility and increase conversions.

Practical tips from SEO experts

“Attribute ALT”, “Backlink” or “Link title” are buzzwords that don’t tell you anything? That’s great, because we are here to consciously guide you through the world of algorithms and search engines.

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So what do you gain from a free SEO consultation?

During a consultation with our SEO expert, you will gain many valuable tips to develop the potential of your e-commerce.

What information will you gain during the consultation?

  • Knowledge about how your search engine position has evolved over the past years.
  • We will show you how your competitors operate.
  • You will learn about current trends in your industry, thanks to which more customers will visit your website.
  • Several hundred suggestions of effective keywords that will guarantee your visibility without burning through your budget.

What will you ultimately gain from the free consultation?

  • A detailed report with technical errors and recommendations for changes. Fixing these elements will make your website visible in search engine.
  • Proposal of an effective positioning strategy. We focus not only on visibility, but also on the website’s functionality (UX) and increase in traffic generation through Google ADS campaigns.

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    Why is it worth to develop your e-commerce with iCEA Group?

    Sneaker Peeker has been cooperating with iCEA Sp.z.o.o. since 2019. The cooperation involves website positioning and Google Ads campaigns for the fashion industry (shoe store) in Europe.

    We are pleased to recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner. The company has been successfully positioning our website and running Google Ads campaigns. We declare the reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits, Google Ads and the positioning itself and running the campaign. Knowledge of things, great contact, and extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.

    Sneaker Peeker

    Plusgum Łukasz Pyrc has been cooperating with iCEA Sp. z o.o since 2014. The cooperation concerns website positioning and implementation of Google Ads campaigns for the automotive industry in Poland.

    With pleasure and conviction we recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy Business Partner. The company has been successfully positioning our website and running Google Ads campaigns. We certify the reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits, Google Ads and the positioning itself and running the campaign. Knowledge of things, great contact, and extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.


    With pleasure and confidence, we recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner. This company has been very successful in positioning our website. We confirm their reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits and positioning itself. Their extensive knowledge of the field, great contact, as well as extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.


    KARTES, MONIKA SAFERNA has been cooperating with iCEA since 2019. The cooperation revolved around website positioning for the fashion and accessories industry in Poland.

    We recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. with great pleasure and belief as a trustworthy Business Partner. This company has been very successful in positioning our website. We declare reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits and positioning itself. Knowledge of things, great contact, as well as extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.

    Hair Lux

    We are happy and convinced to recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner. The company has been very successful in positioning our website. We certify the reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits and positioning itself. Their knowledge of things, great contact, as well as extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.


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    Your competitors are ranking higher than you in the search results?
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    A thorough analysis of your website is also helpful for beginner online store owners. The sooner you take care of the technical optimization of your website, the more profits you will generate from the very beginning of your online business. Remember that investing in SEO is always a GOOD investment!

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      SEO audit services

      SEO audit services refer to the services provided by website audit platforms or agencies which specialise in completing SEO audits. A website audit is a method of determining how your website performs compared to other competitive websites on the internet and is a means of understanding how your website ranks with your search engine crawlers. Crawlers are bots that crawl through your website. Every page of it determines how your website performs and ranks it accordingly. To do so, these crawlers have predetermined parameters they use while crawling through your website.

      To get the maximum advantage, your website needs to be properly SEO optimised in every aspect, whether technical, security, content, development, strategy or analytics. These different aspects must be checked to ensure that your own site is updated with the latest search engine algorithms to rank higher on the SERPs.

      Google is the most used search engine platform currently in the world, so it is important to ensure that your entire SEO activities are focused on it. SEO audits are also conducted to check your website’s performance and level of SEO optimization with Google webmaster’s guidance. The webmaster’s guidance is a set of principles or parameters your website needs to match to rank higher on the SERPs.

      It is estimated that about 90% of the websites created on the internet do not perform well in attracting organic traffic simply because they cannot land on the first page of Google search results. Most of the population consuming content on the Internet does not go on to the second page or the third page of Google results, which drives down organic traffic.

      Most of the time, your entire site would not rank on the first page of Google search results because it is not up to the mark with the set parameters required for SEO optimization. Website audit services help understand the discrepancies and gaps and suggest strategies to overcome these issues. While some people can perform a certain level of site audits themselves, it is always suggested for new websites or revamped websites to get professional help because they require more in-depth and comprehensive SEO Services for almost all aspects of website design and other major factors that affect SEO performance including user experience, backlinks, mobile optimization, XML sitemap, robots.txt files and much more. Robots.txt files give site creators and owners little control over what aspects are assessed when search engine crawlers comb through their website, indexing every aspect of the website. These files allow you to hide the visibility of certain parts of your web page which do not accurately depict what your web page is about.

      Going too long without a site audit can hamper the growth of your website because the chances of the platform being outdated become very high. Websites also face what is known as Google penalties if this happens for long. Not being regular with your site audits directly affects the organic traffic coming to your website.

      SEO audits are conducted before crawlers can index or go through your website, allowing you to see what the crawlers will comb through. Site audits also make it easier for organic search crawlers to understand your website better by giving it a proper structure that represents your brand and allows the crawlers to assess your website better. When your website is not organised and structured, it can confuse the crawlers in understanding what your brand is about, thereby affecting your ranking on the SERPs. Therefore, one of the best ways to ensure that your page ranks higher is to ensure a proper structure and flow of things and that your website is divided into proper categories representing what content they feature.

      Get your website ready for search engines with an audit. We’ll look for duplicate content, broken links, missing meta tags and paths and page titles, on-page SEO and more.

      What is an SEO audit?

      An SEO audit, also known as a website audit, is a full analysis of all the factors which determine the traffic that will be attracted to your website. A site audit is important because it helps you determine the visibility of your website on the SERPs.

      It helps determine the various parts of your website and if any weaknesses need to be tackled by combing your entire website. This includes going through individual pages of your website and predicting overall traffic based on the current condition of your website. A technical SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of your site structure and code. Recurring problems such as broken links, duplicate content and indexable pages are identified, so you can start to fix them. A good technical SEO audit also shows you where your whole site stands in relation to other websites on the same subject, so you can choose what to do next.

      A site audit aims to find out any and all foundational issues or mistakes that would affect your website’s performance and ranking on the SERP. As such, a site audit includes looking into technical problems, content-related issues, structural issues of the website, user experience issues, potential off-page SEO issues, and on-page SEO issues; by tackling these various problems, an SEO analysis essentially allows you to revamp your whole site so that it can rank among the top SERPs.

      In its initial phase, a site audit takes place in the form of a general analysis of the entire website looking for areas where SEO improvement can be made. Various types of site audit target specific issues that the website creation process commonly runs into. Some of these include:

      • Technical SEO audits: These are aimed at assessing the structured content and overall adherence to good SEO practices.
      • Security audits: These look for website vulnerabilities and possible threats; they also look into high-risk verticals of your website design and structure.
      • Competition audits: These look at competitive websites, which help in assessing and analysing gaps in the content opportunities for growth and promotion and also analyse the drawbacks and successes of competitive websites.
      • Website health audits: These look at the website’s overall design structure and performance and pay attention to any issues that require immediate action from users.

      These site audits can be conducted separately or together to identify unknown issues or underlying problems to avoid future hindrances. A lot of site audits also help by suggesting strategies to overcome the weaknesses in the different aspects of the website.

      Site audits must be completed regularly to keep your SEO strategy and engagement performance in check. Now and then, SEO strategies need to be updated to keep up with the changing social media algorithms, which, if ignored, can result in bad performance of the website and therefore result in a drop in traffic. These audits also ensure that your content stays up to date with the latest trends in SEO practices and that your website is error-free and in keeping with the webmaster’s guidelines.

      The audit process should start with a quick review of the site’s top-level pages. You can find them in Google Search Console. The best way to start an audit is by looking at the site’s Core Web Vitals report in Search Console. This report shows you how many pages Google has indexed from your site, how many links point to each page and how often that page is viewed by users.

      You can also use Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider to get a more detailed overview of your site’s pages, including meta descriptions, titles and the number of links pointing to each page. The next step will be to check if there are any toxic backlinks pointing to your website that may hurt your rankings in search engines. For this purpose, we recommend Ahrefs Site Explorer (free) or SEMrush (paid), as they both provide an extensive list of backlinks pointing to any website that you enter into their system. Meta descriptions are sentences that are assigned to each page of your site. The longer your meta description, the better, since it gives you more space to entice potential visitors to click through and visit your page. Similarly, an internal linking structure is a way of giving other pages on your site — especially pages with similar content or ideas — a “nod” by linking to them on your other pages.

      How to do an SEO audit?

      Now that we know what a site audit is and have a thorough idea of why it is important, it is vital to know how to perform an SEO analysis. Perhaps the most difficult question when performing an SEO analysis by oneself is ‘where I should start?’. In fact, ‘how do I SEO audit my website’ is one of the most common search optimization audit questions.

      Some site audit factors to keep in mind when trying to perform a looking up the best method of conducting an SEO analysis include the following:

      • Ensuring that your SEO analysis is comprehensive. Every aspect of your website, page, technicality, and security point is checked vigilantly. Running a short or quick SEO analysis does not ensure quality and is not the best method to conduct an SEO analysis.
      • Make sure to look into factors like user engagement and experience, website health, and overall site performance. To look into each of these factors, several steps need to be taken, including finding the best SEO tools to conduct your site audits.

      Now that we have determined what things need to be looked at when performing an SEO analysis, let’s draw out a checklist that will help in making sure all the necessary steps required for a successful SEO analysis have been fulfilled. Certain tools can be utilised to help in the successful conduction of a website audit:

      • To begin with, you need to run your website URL through a successful SEO audit tool. This can be found on website auditing platforms, so you first need to look for a platform that will analyse your website. Then you must go through the platform and see what kind of audit you can run. After that, you must run your website through all the relevant audit options to get the most comprehensive report possible.
      • After running an SEO test, review the generated report and look for errors or visible glitches. Do this for every SEO analysis page to get the best results. While performing this step, look for technical discrepancies or any other errors that may be present.
      • Taking care of all the technical or security issues, you would also want to review SEO-related problems your website may have encountered if left unchecked. These SEO issues can severely affect your website’s search engine results performance and can also penalise your website.
      • Next, go over the user experience section of your SEO analysis report and see how your website is performing with consumers.
      • The next step would be to analyse your overall report and review the recommendations provided to fix your website’s problems. Make a note of all the issues and the suggested strategies to implement them in the fastest possible manner.

      Remember that even after running a successful site audit, implementing improvement strategies can take some time. If you’re so worried about SEO that you never manually link to pages or use the archive pages, you’re missing the mark on a lot of opportunities. Yes, duplicate content is a problem, but so are thin content and under-linked pages. A backlink audit can be a good way to identify opportunities for improvement—if you don’t take advantage of this audit, you’re basically saying that your site is doing just fine as it is. And if you improve your site and don’t tell Google about it, then how anyone will find your improvements?

      A lot of people have a bit of confusion when it comes to SEO. While people know that it pays off when done right, they are unsure what the best practices are and how to implement them on their own sites. The most common way to start is by doing a backlink audit, which is where you look for toxic links, service pages, low word count, certain pages, duplicate pages and more. After this analysis, you should be able to determine whether or not your site needs additional content or to remove some of the existing pages from your site based on them being pointless or duplicates. This will help move towards giving your users a better user experience which will lead to increased conversion rates.

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      What is a technical SEO audit?

      As the name suggests, a technical SEO audit looks after the technical portion of factors that affect your website’s SERPs ranking. Technical SEO determines the ability of search engine crawlers to crawl through every page of your website, thereby assessing your website and ranking it on various parameters. Our research also found that duplicate pages, low word count and keyword stuffing are common mistakes. These aren’t just minor errors. They can have a drastic impact on your site’s performance and affect your SEO success.

      Some of the parameters on which your website is ranked and indexed include:

      • Site Speed
      • Image Issues
      • Mobile Optimization
      • Content Duplicity
      • Link Health
      • Structure of URLs
      • XML Sitemaps
      • Security of the Website
      • Site Structure
      • Crawl Errors

      While there are several other parameters, these are the most important ones. Even from this list, mobile optimization, page load speed, XML sitemaps, website security, and content are particularly important. The backlink audit will highlight all the pages on your website that have toxic links and/or duplicate links. We have invested heavily in making this process efficient, so you can get your site moving in the right direction faster than ever before. The audit process also includes a domain authority report that gives you insight into how many backlinks your site is getting, who they are pointing at, and how strong those backlinks are.

      • Page Loading Speed: The importance of SEO is so high that every aspect of it must be analysed. As such, much time has been spent on understanding the correlation between site load time and its effect on the audience. The longer the loading site speed, any part of it, the more you lose the audience. If your page loads within 1-3 seconds of clicking, the traffic loss rate is about 30%, whereas if your website’s loading time is 10 seconds or more, your chances of losing traffic increase to 123%. So clearly, this is important, and bots are crawling your website to assess this loading speed. An internal link is extremely important for SEO and a user’s experience. Having internal links on all of your pages improves the flow of the site.
      • Mobile Optimization: About 56% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices like smartphones. Mobile Optimization refers to your website’s ability to adjust to the dimensions of a mobile device. Google and other search engines have also started from mobile-first assessment of new web pages wherein the crawlers assessing your website look at the fluency of mobile optimization. If your website does not fare well in this area, it reflects directly in your ranking on a SERP.
      • Content Duplicity: Creating awesome content is important for any website. Equally important is ensuring that your content is not duplicated under various heads or is not clashing with the content you have created for another part of your website. If you have duplicate content, it will reflect badly, and your rankings will deteriorate further.
      • Website security: As website owners and creators, you must be aware of the consequences of cyber security breaches. Your website needs to be secure against outside viruses or potential threats that can affect your ranking, the traffic that you attract to your website, and even your SEO content. Page titles and target keywords are essential for SEO. In the internal link of the page, the title tags must be used as a reference to the website’s content and user experience. A site with a poor user experience may have a single version of its title tag.
      • XML sitemaps: XML sitemaps help crawlers get your website’s structured flow. This is important because it helps them understand what your website is about and accordingly assess the effectiveness and optimization of levels of your website. The page level exclusion is a simple text snippet in a meta tag of the webpage that indicates that only this page should be counted. Excluded pages can be used to exclude thin content pages, only one version of duplicate content pages and more.

      While running a technical SEO analysis, it is important to ensure you do not over-optimize your website. Taking care of technical SEO is important, but as with everything, overdoing optimization would also be harmful to your website. Therefore, maintaining a balance is key.

      Site architecture usually refers to the decision-making involved in planning the structure of a website. Designing a website involves deciding which content belongs in which location, so a site architecture defines how the various pieces fit together. There are many different ways to accomplish this, and each has its advantages and drawbacks. A site audit tool is an online website auditor that checks all elements of your website against established conventions.

      Why is SEO audit important?

      As already discussed, there are various reasons why a site audit is important. Site audit services must be considered a standard requirement for the optimal performance of your website. To better understand this, let’s take the site audit example of Google, one of the most utilised search engines in the world.

      Now we all know that Google algorithms keep changing to promote the best quality content to be created and to stay updated with the best means to have all this content available to the audience. In keeping with that, Google also has something called Google penalties. Google penalties simply refer to the negative impact faced by a website that cannot keep up with the changing Google algorithms.

      Google Search Console & Google Analytics

      Google Search Console is a free web service that you can use to track your site’s visibility in Google search results. You can use it to see how often Google finds and displays your site, as well as how many users click on your site after seeing it in a search result.

      You can also use Google Search Console to submit your sitemap and robots.txt files, which are used by Google’s web crawling system to keep track of your site and help it crawl pages more quickly.

      Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to any website. It’s the most widely used website statistics service, available for free for anyone who has a website or blog.

      Google Analytics is a toolset for web analytics and hosted service that measures site traffic. It provides unique visitor statistics and website information, similar to a digital marketing database, with the use of cookies. Google Search Console is a free service that allows site owners to submit sitemaps and check Googlebot’s indexation status, crawl rate, indexing errors, and more. Google Analytics is Google’s most popular analytics tool. In the past, you had to go to Google Analytics to see all your data. But now, you can manage your analytics accounts directly from Google Search Console and view traffic and search data.

      To keep up with these complications, creators must keep their website audit score high. To do this, regular SEO audits are required. If you search the internet, you can find some forms of SEO audits for free. There are also certain kinds of website audits that people can conduct on their own without requiring professional help. For a more in-depth site audit test, people often rely on experts who can gauge the severity of damage and suggest strategies to overcome it.

      A simple example to understand why SEO analysis is important is if you have a business and you just sell one particular item for years without changing it according to the latest market trends or upgrading your stock; you are soon going to lose your customer base and are certainly not going to attract any new clients simply because your stock is outdated. Similarly, if your SEO analysis is not conducted regularly, your website infrastructure will develop discrepancies compared to those who keep their websites up to date.

      Another website audit benefit is that a website audit saves your website from potential harm caused by security breaches. If an SEO analysis is not performed regularly, your website is only protected against harms that existed when your last website audit was done. With the development of the latest technologies, there is also always an influx of new cybersecurity breaches. These new forms of viruses and attackers can very easily break down your security wall and cause a lot of damage to your website.

      How much does an SEO audit cost?

      Depending upon several factors, website audit price varies from one client to another. If you want SEO auditing completed professionally, you need to be wise about what your website needs. Not all kinds of SEO auditing activities need to be conducted every year. Whether you are a big company with a huge website consisting of hundreds and thousands of pages or a small to midsize company also comes into play when calculating the estimated cost of services to be provided.

      What kind of SEO auditing requirements you have depended upon a lot of factors like your website size and type; whether you are revamping your website or any part of it, and whether there is a section of SEO analysis that you think needs to be boosted to drive in more organic rankings and traffic. It also depends on what kind of optimization or auditing you need. You do not always need everything audited or checked.

      Therefore, the cost of SEO auditing also depends on what you want to get checked and fixed. Whether you are looking at technical aspects, content, security, analytics, or if you are looking at overall site audit, these are all factors that play into determining the cost of your SEO analysis. On average, users can expect to spend between $650 to $14000 for a website audit, but these prices depend highly on the service you are looking for. This price range is an estimated bracket for small to mid-sized companies or websites. Bigger companies with comprehensive websites would have to shell out more money.

      Where you get a website audit done also determines the website audit price for you. While some other SEO auditing platforms have suggested an average cost between $650 to $14,000, others suggest an estimate of $1,500 to $4,000 per SEO analysis. These platforms suggest $1,500 as the lowest benchmark spent by companies on average to get site audits.

      Considering the prices, surely a lot of users would prefer doing some level of SEO analysis themselves and connecting with companies only for in-depth SEO analysis or perhaps when they run into a problem they cannot resolve.

      SEO is a very important part of your business strategy. Identify and fix your problems with a detailed site audit from our team of professional SEO experts. We offer multiple affordable packages, including keyword analysis and blog post creation, to help drive traffic to your site. If you want a site that’s optimised for search engines, you need to think about internal links and external links, duplicate content, SEO tools, site architecture and the overall site audit tool. The keyword research tools give you a starting point, which can then be modified to suit your needs.

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      How long does an SEO audit take?

      As in the case of a website audit price, the duration to complete an SEO analysis depends largely upon the kind of website audit services required and the website size. For example, if you require only a general SEO analysis that sort of just goes over your entire website without doing any in-depth analysis, then it would surely take less time compared to an in-depth SEO analysis of even one aspect of your website. Similarly, if you have 5 or 10 pages required to be audited by a professional, it would take less time than 60 search engine optimization audit pages that you need to be checked.

      Many other factors also come into play when determining how long it would take to conduct an SEO analysis successfully. Some of these factors include the type of SEO auditing required, what is being audited, how many glitches and problems are encountered while conducting an SEO analysis, and sometimes how long it has been between two site audits. The last factor comes into play because serious issues will occur in the system if you have not had your website or SEO audited for a long time. Whereas, if you regularly perform an SEO analysis, you would be more aware of the underlying problems that need resolution and perhaps even take steps to resolve them.

      On average, a website audit can take two to six weeks to complete; however, this again is an average and depends completely upon individual clients. This means if you want a comprehensive SEO analysis of every aspect of your website, this time can increase depending on the size of your website. Another factor affecting this time is how many elements your SEO auditing company or platform looks into. While some platforms look into the basic elements of each category, others do a comprehensive audit of each category. For example, some platforms may do an overview and check for basic and most important elements if you are just getting a technical SEO audit. In contrast, other platforms may check for all elements related to technical SEO analysis. This also results in a variation in the time required by each platform to perform a website audit for the same category.

      Conducting a good SEO analysis is a long process and requires a good handle on the knowledge of SEO Optimization. SEO search experts are hired to perform these functions professionally on your behalf so that your website performs well and continuously attracts a lot of traffic. SEO agencies are composed of experts in different fields of SEO Optimization who all look at different aspects of SEO analysis. This means that an SEO agency would have an expert in technical SEO analysis and one who is well-versed in content site audits.

      Why is an agency the best choice for SEO audits?

      As already discussed, a website audit test can reveal your website’s actual status. This would also include many issues you did not know existed. A new person trying to understand the technology and how these things work can become a behemoth of a task. Whether you are a new or an experienced person understanding the intricacies and nuances and the best tools required to combat any strategic issues your websites may have can be complicated.

      It is also often very difficult for regular people who are not technologically experienced to be updated with the latest trends and resources available to resolve different SEO issues. This is where an SEO agency becomes your partner.

      Google Search Console is the official Google tool for SEO. It’s a free service that allows you to manage your site’s presence in Google’s results, as well as monitor and fix any issues that might be causing problems with your site.

      Search engines are the main traffic driver for many businesses, so it’s important to make sure your website is optimised for these engines. This includes making sure that your site is fast and responsive, has unique content and is built with SEO in mind.

      In addition, you should also make sure that you have internal links throughout your site that point to high-quality pages (such as product pages or blog posts). These links will help visitors find what they’re looking for faster on your website and keep them engaged longer, so they go through additional pages of your site. In addition, it’s important to make sure there are no broken links on your website by using tools like Broken Link Checker or Screaming Frog SEO Spider. These SEO tools allow you to identify any broken links on your website so you can fix them before Google sees them as a problem with your site.

      Website audit agencies are composed of experts who specialise in different fields of SEO Optimization, which means that they have different people and different teams for every specific kind of SEO analysis. So, they would have a specific team whose expertise lies in technical SEO, another team with expertise in content-related SEO, the third team with website health SEO analysis expertise, and so on. As one person, it is almost impossible for you to be proficient in all of these aspects of an SEO analysis; therefore, having experts in each field is a better option. Hiring an agency especially comes in handy if you are creating a new website or revamping your existing website because then it requires a lot of work and a lot of SEO analysis to be done to ensure that your website is up to the mark to appear on the first page of Google search results, or the first page of your preferred search engine.

      This is essential because if your website is listed on the first page, you have about 90% more chance than others not listed on the first page to be clicked. Each click means that you are getting more organic traffic, which will affect your website’s overall performance.

      An agency may be the best choice to conduct an in-depth website audit because it will be more adept and experienced in knowing the kind of SEO Optimization your website lacks. An agency will also help you by suggesting strategies to keep your SEO game strong easily. Agencies are also better accustomed to dealing with issues that arise when an SEO analysis is conducted, as they have more knowledge of different aspects. They have better knowledge of how to maximise the use of every available resource and which resources are more reliable and efficient than others.

      As an individual, you may be aware of certain resources and may rely solely on those without knowing if there are any other better resources for you to take advantage of. Additionally, agencies can provide you with the best strategies to overcome the discrepancies or gaps between your website and the latest site search algorithms if they exist. Search engines keep developing their algorithms and changing them to promote organic traffic to websites, continuously working towards providing quality content to the people.

      If you are someone who wants to learn how to do their site audits and are doing it for the first time, it is also suggested that you have an expert agency look into what you have done or are doing. This will help in understanding where your website audit lands or if areas of improvement exist. On the other hand, if you do not know how to conduct your SEO analysis and are not interested in learning about it either, SEO agencies are the correct choice for you. Either way, depending on your preferences and needs, SEO agencies are the better option at some point.

      Our complete website audit brings together a wide variety of data from Google Search Console, internal and external links, site speed and more to give you a well-rounded view of where your website is at.

      FAQ - Website SEO Audit

      What is website audit in SEO?

      A website audit is a detailed analysis of the website’s technical, content and design elements. Through website audit, we assess your entire web presence, as well as its current state, and make a strategic action plan based on the findings.

      How to perform an SEO audit of your website?

      The first step is to create a list of keywords, phrases and questions people are likely to use when searching for facts online. Then you need to figure out which ones generate the most traffic by using Google Analytics or similar tools.

      How much does a website SEO audit cost?

      SEO audits can range in cost from very affordable to expensive, depending on the work that needs to be done and how extensive it is. There are also various types of audits, depending on what your goals are for the website. If you’re looking for a simple assessment of content quality, you may be able to find an inexpensive option. For more thorough auditing and optimization, however, you may need to hire a professional who charges more.

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