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The ultimate guide to planning optimization for SEO and ROI

The ultimate guide to planning optimization for SEO and ROI

When it comes to marketing your business online, one of the most important strategies to optimize is your website’s SEO. Without proper optimization, it can be difficult to draw in potential customers and keep them coming back to your site – and no one wants to buy from you if they can’t find you! That’s being said ROI is a measure that you have to know.

What is optimization and positioning?

Search engine optimization is a set of guidelines, which instruct search engines on how to rank a web page. The goal is get your content seen by more people, and drive more traffic to your site. It does this by ranking your website higher in search engine results pages when someone searches for something relevant to what you’re offering.

Can SEO be countable?

In a word, no. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be monitored and improved upon. Traffic, conversions, clicks, bounce rate, revenue, and impressions are all measurable indicators of how well your site is performing. As time goes on, these numbers will fluctuate based on site changes or other external factors that might not have anything to do with your optimization. A detailed audit will help you understand the correlation between these numbers in order to make informed decisions about what you need to change in order to get the desired results.


SEO and SEM are the two acronyms most commonly used in online marketing. The main difference between these two is that SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, refers to paid search engine advertising and optimization.

What is ROI and why shouldn't you forget it?

Return On Investment is a measure of profitability, calculated by dividing the profit gained from an investment by the cost of that investment. In other words, it measures how much money you make in relation to what you put in. Some people forget about this important factor when thinking about their marketing and search engine optimization strategy – and that is a mistake.

Why can’t it be confused with ROAS?

ROAS is a metric that compares the profit from an advertising campaign (minus the cost of acquiring new customers) with how much revenue was generated as a result of that campaign. When you are driving traffic through ads and optimizing your site for specific keywords, there will be variations in how customers find your company and what they purchase. ROI is calculated by subtracting all expenses and dividing by the total assets owned.

What optimization elements are affected by ROI?

  • Content quality – because this element affects both your traffic and conversion rates, it is absolutely vital to have quality content in order to drive new visitors, generate leads, and/or close sales.
  • Keyword density – too much keyword density can be a turn off for Google’s search algorithm, but if you don’t use enough keywords in your posts then you’ll never show up on the first page of search results.
  • Linking structures – hyperlinks are what tell Google where they should go next so that they know how to rank your site and determine its relevance.
  • Page load time – if your pages take longer than three seconds to load, you will see an increase in bounce rate which can cause you to lose valuable users or customers who just got frustrated and gave up trying to view your content.

How to calculate your score?

Your ROI score is calculated by dividing your total return by your total investment. This can be done at the end of the year, at a particular point in time, or monthly over the course of the project. While this seems simple enough on paper, calculating the return and investment can be more difficult depending on what type of project you’re working on.

ROI measurement with conversion

A conversion rate is the percentage of people who take a desired action on your site, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

Although ROI marketing is a valuable activity, it will not be profitable without measuring your conversion first. Users’ actions, such as visiting your site, registering on your site, or shopping, help determine the profitability of the ad or keyword that brought them here. Conversion tracking within Google Analytics helps you determine ROI using the tool, which collects and presents all data in a legible way.

How to improve your score? Optimization tips for everyone

Define your main goal

What is your blog’s purpose? What do you want people to get out of it? Do you want them to come back again and again, or do you just want them to read one post and move on? The most important thing when thinking about how to optimize your website is understanding what the end goal is. If your goal is to get more viewers, the number one way that this can be done would be through stronger engagement with posts.

Remember your audience

As with any industry, the search engine optimization field is constantly changing and evolving. For maximum return on investment and website visibility, it’s important to focus on your target audience when considering your optimization strategy. Who are they and what they want? Are you targeting global customers? Are you trying to optimize for a specific geographical location or customer base? Try to answer these questions.


Spend some time finding out what keywords people search the most when they look for services like yours. Then put those keywords into your blog post and make sure you optimize them. Keywords are vital in this industry, so the more of them you can add, the better your chance of being found by potential customers who are looking specifically for your product or service.

User experience

User experience is a major factor in this, so it’s important that your store design is user-friendly and intuitive. This will help drive higher conversion rates and get your shoppers through the process as quickly as possible. It will also keep them from leaving the site because they can’t find what they’re looking for or are frustrated with having to go back and forth between different pages. You can improve customer service by adding an online chat window, live person assistance during store hours, phone support or even shipping options with faster turnaround times.


The best way to optimize your page is to create an attractive, enticing landing page. Use keywords and long-tail search phrases that are relevant to the content of your post, be sure to incorporate links to other relevant posts or pages on your website, and make it easy for people find you by including a clear call-to-action button that directs visitors to subscribe.

Social proof

The most important thing to do is get reviews. Reviews not only help you rank on Google, they also boost your sense of confidence and make the business seem more legitimate. Comments are another important factor in ranking because they are additional backlinks, which google uses as a ranking factor for its search engine results pages.

Monitor everything closely

Monitoring everything closely is a great way to stay on top of the opportunities that arise out of the successful optimization efforts. To monitor search engine activity, you can use Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The site also provides information about whether your site’s content or technical performance are affecting its ranking. If there are any problems with either category, then adjustments need to be made quickly before it becomes too late.

Last words

The most important factor in your ability to get a positive ROI with search engine optimization is relevance. Ensuring that the content on your site, as well as your social media profiles, focus on topics of interest to your target audience will lead you closer and closer to achieving long-term success. Once you have a system set up and are constantly posting about relevant topics, it is time for some paid advertising.

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