The most popular positioning mistakes

The most popular positioning mistakes

We have been in the SEO industry for years and you can believe us – there is nothing that will surprise us. We’ve seen things that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never dreamed of. The problem is that although the mistakes and stumbles that appear while creating and positioning a website can be of various kinds, some of them repeat with surprising regularity. In any case, these are mistakes that could be easily avoided by hiring a competent interactive agency.

In spite of appearances, the most common errors in SEO activities are not those that relate to complicated, very advanced activities that few know about. It is the other way around: very often these are trifles resulting from the sheer oversight or ignorance. However, it does not mean that positioning will not become significantly less effective. Do not waste your time and money – see our list of the four most common SEO mistakes and never make them again.

Mistake 1: Duplicate content

Duplicate content in the context of SEO means that the same content is placed on more than one page within the same or different domains. The problem with duplicate content is that the search engine cannot “decide” which content and how to index it, which results in the page being omitted from search results.

Duplicating the home page may be particularly harmful due to the positioning of pages. Remember that if you present the search engine robots with duplicates of your homepage, they are treated as duplicate content.

A similar mistake is putting the same text on different pages: hiring a competent copywriter to create unique content really is an investment that will pay for itself faster than you expect.

Mistake 2: Website structure not optimized for positioning

If you outsource building a new website to a web developer who does not have the appropriate knowledge and experience, it is very likely that in his work he will not use the best SEO practices necessary for proper positioning. And this is understandable to some extent, as not every developer is an SEO specialist. However, the effect is that the website created in this way is not optimized for search engines. Website positioning loses on such an incorrect, ill-considered structure.

It is believed that optimization of the website structure is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO. Websites whose most important – from the point of view of both search engines and users’ needs – subpages are deeply hidden in a place where it is really difficult to find them, are not unusual. Search engine optimization

Mistake 3: Neglecting Content Marketing

If you think your website will be in the top positions in search engines without any link building and, above all, content marketing activities, then… well, you are not right. In recent years, original, valuable and useful content has started to play a much greater role in search results than ever before. It is necessary to entrust this task to an experienced content marketing specialist.

Elements such as the company’s blog, fanpage or guides posted on the company’s website are really not unnecessary curiosities: on the contrary, effective positioning without them is practically impossible.

Mistake 4: Unrealistic expectations for SEO

No matter how much we would like SEO to be an exact science where A multiplied by B always gives C, we have to accept the fact that it is not a quick, easy, or completely predictable process.

A company that ensures that its actions will give a certain, guaranteed and strictly defined result (“First position for selected keywords in two weeks!” – probably everyone has heard such assurances, right?), Probably has no idea what website positioning really is. Only long-term, systematic cooperation with a SEO company can give the right results – and it is not always realistic for one of them to be the first item for any phrase.

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